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  • Daihinia  v.1.7.9Daihinia is a software solution for multi-hop networking in Ad-Hoc mode, without Access Points. Daihinia™ is a tool for WiFi. It turns a simple Ad-Hoc network into a Multi-hop Ad-Hoc network.
  • Manetconfig  v.0.9manetconfig is a graphical application implemented in Java and developed at TELECOM ParisTech. It allows the creation of multi-hop Manet environments where due to space limitations, only one-hop would appear. Different mobility models can be ...
  • Dragon Siege  v.1.0Multi-player networking Real Time Strategy game written in C# .NET using Direct3D sprites and TCP/IP sockets. Dragon Siege is a unique combination of the town defense idea (see game "The Horde") combined with modern RTS features.
  • Air Traffic Controler 2  v.1.0atc2 is a rewrite of the old unix game atc. It provides multi-player networking support, multiple displays and a lot of different realistic plane types on different maps. Additionally obstacles on the ground and in air are used in the maps.
  • Imagemultihop  v.1.0A Study of Multi-Hop Image Transmission in Wireless Sensor Network.
  • Openscatternet  v.1.0The project is implementing the SHAPER algorithm from the IEEE paper "SHAPER:A Self Healing Algorithm Producing multi-hop Bluetooth scattERnets".
  • PG Social Networking Software  v.1.11PG Social Networking - start your own niche and corporate community today! 3 special designs, private community access option, user walls, comments, graffiti, recent activity, multi-language interface, Email OpenID, Facebook login, Twitter, virtual ...
  • Networking Assistant  v.1.0The Networking Assistant is a multi-purpose utility for assisting with basic networking tasks.
  • Easy Cast du Multi Hub  v.2005.02.09Easy Cast du Multi Hub (ecmh) is a networking daemon that acts as a full IPv6 MLDv1 and MLDv2 Multicast "Router".
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